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We offer state of the art design facilities providing extensive options for home buyers to experience firsthand. Our process results in better decisions, less changes and higher home buyer and builder satisfaction.

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What to Expect in Your Appointment?

Designing your home can be a very exciting and daunting prospect during your overall home-building process. 

At Design Gallery, we want you to enjoy the process as much as possible. Our designers will walk you through the steps of selecting the finishes for your home in an organized and easy-to-understand process. In our showroom, you will decide what style backsplash will enhance your kitchen, which floors, wall tiles, and countertops will turn your new house into a home, and what carpets will make for the coziest of restful nights. 

If you have seen ideas online or in magazines that inspire you, we would love to see them as well! Your home is a direct reflection of how unique you are, and we are excited to help you bring that reflection to life. Do you lean towards the Farmhouse Style? Or maybe something more Modern? Perhaps you are a Traditionalist or even find yourself falling somewhere in between, in what is known as Transitional Style. Things to consider are which colors speak to you, and which textures and shapes make you feel at home. Design Gallery designers are not only creative professionals but also skilled at taking your concepts and bringing them together to form one cohesive environment. 

Feel free to ask questions, take pictures for future reference (and so you can show everyone you know how beautiful your new home is going to be!), and voice your opinions and wishes. Our designers will guide you toward the selections that not only match your style but also align with your budget and the scope of options set by your builder.