FS Blinds

As a complete window covering fabricator, we offer extensive options in faux blinds, wood blinds, and shutters. The depth of our inventory is what gives us the chance to design custom programs to suit the needs of all of our customers.

Venetian Blinds

A budget-friendly option that works to control light in most settings, the Venetian Blind is one of the most commonly used window coverings. This type of blind is operated via a dual control system, usually via a rod and push/pull system that adjusts the raising and lowering of the blinds as well as the tilt of the slats. Available in numerous styles, colors, and materials, it’s important to note that while customizable and versatile, they do not offer a black-out level of light control.

Roller Blinds

Noted as one of the most versatile blind options, Roller Blinds can be created in almost innumerable combinations of colors, fabrics, light filtration, and patterns. Roller Blinds can be created in PVC, which is flame retardant, waterproof, and easy to clean. Roller Blinds offer a minimalistic look and feel to any home and are a great option as a backdrop to soft drapery panels.

Roman Blinds

A truly luxurious and beautiful option for window coverings, the Roman Blinds are a cousin to the Roller Blinds. Romans are wrapped around sewn-in rods that create even folds when being raised. In addition to the versatility of fabric choices available, Roman Blinds can also be made with a variety of backing fabrics, providing multiple variations of thermal and light control. Roman Blinds should be avoided in areas where moisture may be prevalent, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Due to construction qualities, Roman Blinds can be one of the more expensive covering options.

Vertical Blinds

Similar to Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds are easy to operate and are excellent choices for covering large expanses. Another budget-friendly window covering option, Verticals have a better overlap of vanes which provides the option for blackout or dimout varieties.

Pleated Blinds

One of the most modern window covering design options on the market, as well as one of the most expensive, Pleated Blinds are another type of fabric blind. Available in a multitude of design options, these blinds operate via fabric that opens and closes, without the use of cords. Not all windows are compatible with Pleated Blinds.


Shutters are a timeless and long-lasting option for window coverings. Built around a frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails, shutters can have a variety of styles within the frame. This includes solid panels, louvers (horizontal or vertical slats), and glass. What sets shutters apart is the way they are installed in the window. Unlike blinds, which connect to the window recess and are removable, shutters are built into the window frame with hinges to allow access to your window or the ability to open for full light. Shutters are usually sturdier and more expensive than any of the other window covering options, but they will endure for longer periods of time. While shutters are typically more traditional in style, their custom-made features allow you to incorporate into most design styles.