Stone Resources

Our team of professionals is equipped to handle everything from entry-level jobs to multi-million-dollar projects. We focus on inventory, allowing the ability to provide incredibly consistent shade variation of natural and manmade stone products.


One of the most popular natural stone choices for countertops, granite offers a multitude of styles and color variations. Due to its nature, granite displays fissures, veins, inclusions, and sometimes even cracks. These ‘imperfections’ give the stone character and personality, allowing each slab to be truly unique. Heat and scratch resistant, these statement-making countertops are offered in a range of price points.


Used for centuries and timeless in its elegance, marble is a visually striking option for countertops. Marble requires more maintenance than many of its alternatives. Resealing and polishing are recommended to be performed at least once a year. Marble provides a luxurious, opulent visual for homeowners, and keeps its value for years.


The strongest and hardest of the natural stone options available, Quartzite is ideal for countertops due to its durability. Quartzite is formed through processes of high heat and pressure causing recrystallization which results in beautiful sparkling patterns, full of dimension and movement.


Quartz is a highly popular and heavily used countertop material. Engineered quartz is a manmade material that is extremely long-lasting, created mostly from natural materials, a combination of ground natural quartz and resins. The benefits of using quartz in homes include being low-maintenance, antibacterial, stain resistant, and eco-friendly. Quartz slabs are uniform in color and pattern, excellent for both traditional and modern aesthetics.