IBS Lighting

Custom-designed lighting packages allow us to meet all of our customers’ needs. Offering unparalleled inventory across all locations, we ensure an above-and-beyond service experience.


Incredibly versatile and dynamic, chandeliers can be used indoors and outdoors, in essentially every type of room or home. These “eye-catching” hanging fixtures have multiple light elements, which allow for various levels of illumination. Chandeliers are designed for any style and can immediately enhance the look of any room.


Similar to chandeliers, but having only a singular light source, pendants are another type of hanging fixture. Best used in smaller spaces or more direct lighting needs, these less formal lighting options come in a variety of designs and color options. Pendants are one of the more versatile hanging light fixtures. They can stand on their own or be installed as a group for a statement-making feature.


Sconces are a wall-mounted light source that can be used in almost any space. Often used in pairs, flanking a door or mirror, for example, these fixtures can also be used for indoor and outdoor illumination, depending on the materials used in manufacturing. Sconces are a great and often times inexpensive way to add style and personality to a space.

Ceiling Lights

An excellent option for lighting areas with low ceilings, ceiling lights are installed either flush to the ceiling or semi-flush to the ceiling. While semi-flush ceiling lights hang from above, they do not hang as low as a sconce or chandelier. Ceiling lights are an excellent option for creating atmospheric environments.